Harding Steel, Inc. has been manufacturing, installing, and servicing our World Class Parking Lifts since 1968. These parking lifts helped Harding Steel create the mechanical and

hydraulic car parking lift

industry.The Harding Steel product line ranges from basic

garage parking lifts

and parking stackers, to subterranean parking lifts and semi-automated parking systems for the most modern, convenient, and affordable products in the mechanical parking industry. These parking systems can be installed in private home parking garages, commercial parking lots,

commercial hydraulic car lifts

and condominiums. Harding Steel's parking systems are affordable and provide a quick return on investment.
The Car-Lifts and SUV Lifts created by Harding Steel can be used in home garages, commercial parking lots, and office parking or any place where parking space is limited. The CARPARX parking system hides cars entirely underground and allows independent car access without moving one car to access another. These inground, or subterranean parking systems are the original hydraulic scissor lift designed for parking and have been carefully engineered for independent access to vehicles in private homes or multi-family residences where space is valuable. This underground parking stacker is also used to store collector cars below ground for the best in security and independent access to each vehicle. The parking solutions that Harding Steel offers can double, triple, or quadruple your existing parking capacity. The CARMATRIX product line is the finest in puzzle-style automated parking in the World. These mechanical parking systems can be designed for each specific project and allow for vehicle access without requiring a valet. Feel free to call Harding Steel to learn more about stackable parking solutions to place cars in the air, below ground, and using other creative storage configurations to solve your parking needs. Read More...