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hydraulic car lift
Hydraulic car lifts are used to raise the car at a higher level with the help of the liquid energy. This liquid energy creates the presure allowing the car to reach an elevated height. The two high pressure cylinders are the key features for making the hydraulic car lifts work so smoothly. The two cylinders provide maximum force as per the height and weight of the vehicle. There is quite a vast range of cars from the bulky SUVs to the smaller and lighter cars that can be placed at a higher level by the pressure created in the two cylinders, this in turn makes the hydraulic car lift a necessity for people. There is a huge range of hydraulic car lifts that are used today but the most common and popular ones are the two-post and the four-post ones.

Features of Hydraulic Car Lift

 Anti-Sway Blocks The four-post car lifts basically imply the suspension lifts where the weight of the car is evenly distributed between the four columns that bear the load evenly. The ability for them to carry the weight is because of the lifting structures that is fixed inside the columns. The best feature of the anti-sway blocks that we provide prevents any kind of car swaying once it is hanged at a suspended height so that the risk of suspension failure is minimum.
 Hydraulic Flow Restrictor We all know that car lifts are maintained as well as managed by hydraulics. What many people don't know is, the hydraulic flow restrictors that we integrate in our design to cut down on the risk a sudden fall of the vehicles from the suspended height. These restrictors are designed to drastically slower the descent of the vehicle from the elavated height.
 Safety Locks - We ensure about your safety thus the load-holding design is implemented to prevent the free fall of the vehicles. This device locks the lift once it reaches a suspended height and this ensures maximum safety. The advice that we offer to people operating this is to lift the vehicle to the elavated height and then lower it till the safety locks automatically get locked in the right places.

These are some of the features that we boast of. These features are designed keeping your needs and prefernces in mind.

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