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The Harding Steel Tri-Lift© and Quad-Lift© are the most cost effective ways to triple or quadruple the capacity of a single standard parking space. The Tri-Lift and Quad-Lift can accommodate both cars and SUVs and can be configured for drive-through operation.

The Tri-Lift and the Quad-Lift are the original multi-level parking lift systems in the United States.  The systems are designed to create dense parking lift solutions for many applications.  Automotive dealerships, airport parking, hotels, and vehicle storage facilities use the Tri and Quad-Lift parking systems to improve inventory storage and revenue generation as well as marketing and display use.

Each Tri-lift and Quad-Lift feature a unique "anti-fall" device and steel locking system. These lifts, when installed in rows and sharing common legs, dramatically boost space efficiency. Individual key-operated control boxes for high-density, valet operations come standard with each Tri-Lift.


  • 100% hot-dipped, galvanized steel vehicle platform

  • Custom painted legs (standard color is blue)

  • Can be configured for each facility and project

  • Central hydraulic power system

  • Drive-through capable for tandem operation


  • The maximum lifting capacity is twelve thousand pounds for the Tri-Lift and 18,000 pounds for the Quad-Lift.

  • Platforms are rated at six thousand (6,000) pounds each.


  • Clear ceiling height: 22' 6" minimum for standard height Tri-Lift, 29'6" for standard height Quad-Lift.

  • Custom heights are available for all model lifts.

  • Distance at rear of lifts to nearest wall or obstruction: 36"

  • Distance between two rows of lifts in tandem configurations: 60-72".


  • 220V, 40 amp, 3-phase for each hydraulic power pack unit

  • Each power pack unit operates up to 20 lifts depending on configuration and layout

  • Individual lifts are operated by 24 VDC (low voltage)


1 year All parts and labor, 2 years mechanical parts only, 5 years on the structure. 


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