Through the last five decades Harding has created some of our own proprietary industry leading parking lift systems and solutions that are instantly recognizable as “Harding.” We have always been proud of our strategic manufacturing partners in North America and Asia. Harding Steel is always looking to innovate and grow with our products and the increasing demand for parking systems solutions in the United States.

As the trends in mechanical parking systems began to shift more towards automated parking systems in 2008, Harding began searching for a strategic automated parking systems partner. We wanted to find and work with the best. In 2015 we formed a relationship with Wöhr Autoparksysteme GmbH in Germany.  

  • Wöhr is a 60 year old company with more than half a million parking places installed worldwide.

  • Wöhr is known globally as the finest manufacturer of automated parking systems and mechanical parking solutions.

  • Establishing this relationship with Wöhr allowed Harding Steel to promote and actively pursue automated parking systems projects and solutions in the United States.

In an industry cluttered with inferior products from the Asian markets, we wanted to set ourselves apart by partnering with the best. Harding is consistently raising the bar for our clients.

Automated Parking Sytems from Wöhr :

Automated parking systems work on the principle of software and hardware parking vehicles without a driver being present. The basis of operation is to give the driver a single “park in” and “park out”.  These systems use software based computer systems to shuffle cars through a racking system utilizing Storage Retrieval Systems (SRU) or shuttles. There are a variety of systems that operate either with lifts vertically into a tower, lateral conveyors, or SRUs. Many systems have incorporated turning devices.  

Unlike standard parking systems, automated parking systems require more up front design consultation and project coordination. These systems are considered long lead items. 

Please contact us directly with any questions on the Wöhr parking systems.  Let us know how we can help design and automated parking system for your unique and challenging project.



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